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16M Motor Grader

The 16M delivers multiple technological breakthroughs to give you the best return on your investment.

Cat® C13 ACERTTM VHP                       
Base Power (1st gear) – Net                               221 kW                297 hp       
VHP Range – Net                                         221-233 kW          297-312 hp       
VHP Plus Range – Net                                  221-248 kW          297-332 hp       

Gross Vehicle Weight – base
Total                                                              26 060 kg             57,452 lb
Front axle                                                         7112 kg             15,679 lb
Rear axle                                                       18 948 kg             41,773 lb
Moldboard Blade Width                                4.9 m 16 ft

Operator Station
A technologically advanced cab, featuring joystick controls, provides unmatched comfort and visibility.

Steering and Implement Controls
Two joysticks offer precise control and unparalleled ease of operation. This advanced technology makes the 16M the most operator-friendly motor grader in the world.

Structures, Drawbar, Circle, Moldboard
The 16M frame provides a solid working platform, and the DCM delivers service ease and precise blade control for maximum productivity.

Integrated Electronic Solutions
Full systems integration with advanced electronics including Cat® Messenger, AccuGradeTM blade control system and Cat ET, create a “Smart Machine” that optimizes performance and availability.

Work Tools and Attachments
The Work Tools and optional attachments for the 16M expand machine versatility, utilization and performance.    


16M Motor Grader – New Features

Power Train
An electronically controlled power shift transmission assures smooth shifting and maximum power to the ground. A modular rear axle and hydraulic brakes simplify serviceability and reduce operating costs.

The Cat® C13 engine combines power management with ACERTTM Technology to deliver maximum power and efficiency in every gear while reducing the environmental impact.

The electro-hydraulic load-sensing system provides the foundation for advanced machine controls, enabling superior controllability and precise and predictable hydraulic movements, with the reliability customers expect from Caterpillar.

 Caterpillar has been and continues to be proactive in developing machines that meet or exceed safety standards.

Serviceability and Customer Support
Fast component replacement and minimum downtime are possible with Caterpillar’s exceptional parts availability and dealers’ advanced rebuild and repair capabilities.

Operator Station

The 16M features a revolutionary cab design that provides unmatched comfort, visibility and ease of use, making the operator more confident and productive.


Advanced Joystick Controls
Two electro­hydraulic joysticks reduce hand and wrist movement as much as 78% compared to conventional lever controls for greatly enhanced operator efficiency. The intuitive pattern is easy to learn and provides the precise implement control you expect from Caterpillar.

Auxiliary Pod and Ripper Control
The optional ripper control and auxiliary control pod are ergonomically positioned to allow simple, comfortable operation for the multiple hydraulic options.

 The 16M boasts excellent visibility to the work area, made possible with angled cab doors, a tapered engine enclosure and a patented sloped rear window.

Low Interior Sound and Vibration Levels
 Isolation mounts for the cab, engine and transmission, in addition to the relocation of the hydraulic pump and valves, provide significant sound and vibration reductions. The low vibration levels and quiet interior (72 dB(A)) provide a comfortable work environment.

Cat Comfort Series Seat
The Cat® Comfort Series suspension seat has an ergonomic high-back design, with extra thick contoured cushions and infinitely adjustable lumbar support that evenly distributes the operator’s weight. Multiple seat controls and armrests are easy to adjust for optimal support and comfort all day. The optional air suspension seat enhances ride quality for additional comfort.
Cat Messenger
Cat Messenger provides real-time machine performance and diagnostic data. You can quickly view critical performance and operating information, in multiple languages, helping to maximize the life and productivity of the machine.

Controls and Switches
Reliable, long-life rocker switches are located on the right side cab post and front instrument cluster, within easy reach for the operator.

Comfort and Convenience
Caterpillar has built the most comfortable cab in the industry by replacing the control levers and steering wheel with two joystick controls, and lengthening the cab to give more leg room.
Multiple adjustment capabilities for the arm rest, wrist rests and joystick pods help keep the operator comfortable throughout a long shift.

Modular HVAC System
 The standard modular heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is fully integrated into the design of the cab. The modular design allows for easy replacement or repair with minimum downtime. Intelligent placement of vents provides consistent climate control and clear windows for every condition. The high-capacity system dehumidifies air and pressurizes the cab, circulating fresh air and sealing out dust. An easily accessible fresh air filter is located outside the cab at ground level for quick replacement or cleaning.

Optional HVAC Precleaner
Increases the service interval of the HVAC fresh air filter by up to ten times.

Additional Cab Features
Additional cab features include cup holder, lighter and ashtray, coat hook, storage area, night time light, and power port. An optional rearview camera, 25 amp power converter and satellite radio are also available.



Steering and Implement Controls

The 16M sets the new standard for motor grader operational efficiency.


Ease of Operation
The revolutionary joystick controls and exceptional visibility make the 16M easier to operate without sacrificing control. The intuitive joystick control pattern allows both new and experienced operators to become productive quickly.

Logical grouping of hydraulic functions in the joysticks allow any operator to easily control several functions at the same time. This allows the operator to be more productive and remain comfortable throughout the work shift.

Intuitive Steering Control
The 16M introduces a breakthrough in joystick steering control. This technology creates a direct relationship between the lean angle of the joystick and the turning angle of the steer tires.

A brake tensioning system holds the joystick in position until the operator moves it. In addition, the steering control automatically reduces steering sensitivity at higher ground speeds for comfortable and predictable control.

Electronic Throttle Control
Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) provides the operator with easy, precise, and consistent throttle operation. An automatic and manual mode on a single switch offers flexibility for different applications and operator preferences.




Left Joystick Functions. The left joystick primarily controls the machine direction and speed.
1 – Steering: Lean joystick left and right
2 – Articulation: Twist joystick left and right
3 – Articulation Return to Center: Yellow thumb button
4 – Wheel Lean: Two black thumb buttons
5 – Direction: Index trigger shifts transmission to forward, neutral or reverse
6 – Gear Selection: Two yellow thumb buttons upshift and downshift
7 – Left moldboard lift cylinder: Push joystick to lower, pull joystick to raise – Left moldboard lift cylinder float: Pushing joystick through detent engages float

Articulation Return-to-Center.
This exclusive feature automatically returns the machine to a straight frame position from any articulation angle with the touch of a single button. Return-to-Center helps improve productivity and safety by allowing the operator to focus on controlling the moldboard.

Right Joystick Functions. The right joystick primarily controls the Drawbar, Circle and Moldboard functions.
1 – Right moldboard lift cylinder: Push joystick to lower, pull joystick to raise – Right moldboard lift cylinder float: Pushing joystick through detent engages float
2 – Moldboard slide: Lean joystick left and right
3 – Circle turn: Twist joystick left and right
4 – Moldboard tip: Thumb switch fore and aft
5 – Drawbar center shift: Thumb switch left and right
6 – Electronic Throttle Control: Trigger switch is resume and decrement – Auto differential Lock/Unlock: Bottom trigger button


1 Ripper Control Pod. Infinitely variable roller switches control the rear ripper and/or front lift group (when equipped), for easy and comfortable control.

2 Programmable Auxiliary Hydraulic Pod. Four fingertip controls and a mini joystick maximize hydraulic control flexibility, accommodating up to six hydraulic circuits. Individual functions are easily programmable through Cat ET to meet the configuration you need.
The optional auxiliary hydraulic pod is provided in addition to the ripper control pod when the machine is configured with three or more auxiliary functions.


Structures, Drawbar, Circle, Moldboard

Durable structures with fast and simple DCM adjustments deliver precise material control while lowering operating costs.

Front Frame Structure. Continuous top and bottom plate construction provides consistency and strength. The flanged box section design removes welds from high stress areas, improving reliability and durability, and increasing resale values for the customer.

Rear Frame Structure. The box-sectioned hitch design and cast axle mounting helps resist torsion loads and ensure structural durability. The integrated bumper ties the rear frame together as a single, solid unit, so the frame can withstand heavy-duty applications such as ripping.

Articulation Hitch. A large tapered roller bearing at the lower pivot carries loads evenly and smoothly. This joint is sealed to prevent contamination in this critical area.
A mechanical locking pin prevents frame articulation to help ensure safety when servicing or transporting the machine.

Circle Construction. Our one-piece forged steel circle is built to stand up to high stress loads and provide structural durability. The front 240° of circle teeth are hardened to reduce wear and ensure component reliability.

Drawbar Construction. The A-frame drawbar features a tubular design for high strength and optimum durability.

Aggressive Blade Angle. With a long wheelbase the operator can obtain aggressive moldboard angles so material rolls more freely along the length of the blade. This is particularly helpful when handling very dry materials or cohesive soils. Better material control gets the job done faster, requires less power and saves fuel.



Top-adjust drawbar wear strips

Moldboard. The optimal curvature and large throat clearance help move material quickly and efficiently. Heat-treated moldboard rails, hardened cutting edges and end bits, and large diameter bolts assure reliability and longer service life. The moldboard side shift cylinder is positioned on the left side to eliminate snow wing interference.

Moldboard Positioning. The blade link bar design extends the possibilities for moldboard positioning, most beneficial in mid-range bank sloping and in ditch cutting and cleaning.

Shimless Moldboard Retention System. The unique shimless moldboard retention system reduces the potential for blade chatter. Vertical and horizontal adjusting screws keep the moldboard’s wear strips aligned for precise blade control and dramatic reductions in service time.


Shimless moldboard retention system with adjusting screws

Top-Adjust Drawbar Wear Strips. The patented top-adjust wear strips dramatically reduce drawbar/circle adjustment time. By removing the access plates on top of the drawbar, shims and wear strips can easily be added or replaced. This feature reduces service downtime and lowers overall machine operating costs.

Replaceable Wear Inserts.Tough, durable nylon composite wear inserts reduce rotational friction for maximum circle torque and longer component life. They are located between the drawbar and circle, and between the support shoes and circle. High load-resistant brass wearstrips are placed between the blade mounting group and moldboard. This sacrificial wear system can be replaced easily and helps keep components tight for fine grading.


Power Train

Integrated, electronically controlled systems, deliver smooth reliable performance with reduced operating costs



Smooth Shifting Transmission. The 16M combines several key innovations to ensure smooth, powerful shifts throughout the gear range.

Electronically Controlled Shifting. The full Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) system optimizes inching modulation and smooths shifting between all gears and directional changes. This provides outstanding control and also extends the life of the transmission by reducing stress on the gears

Load Compensation. This standard feature ensures consistent shift quality regardless of blade or machine load.

Controlled Throttle Shifting. This standard feature helps to smooth directional and gear changes without use of the inching pedal.

Engine Over-Speed Protection. Helps protect the transmission and extend component life by preventing downshifting until a safe travel speed has been established.

Power Shift Countershaft Transmission. Designed and manufactured specifically for the 16M motor grader, the direct drive countershaft transmission is matched with the powerful Cat C13 engine to maximize power to the ground.

Modular Rear Axle. The 16M incorporates a bolt-on modular rear axle design, which offers easy access to differential components, improves serviceability and contamination control, and lowers maintenance time and operating costs. The result is a rugged machine you can rely on for years to come.


Axle & Brake Design


Front axle

Front Axle. The Caterpillar® sealed spindle keeps the bearings free from contaminants and lubricated in a light-weight oil (1). This durable, low-maintenance design reduces your owning and operating costs. Two tapered roller bearings (2) support the wheel spindle. The Cat “Live Spindle” design places the larger tapered roller bearing outboard where the load is greater, extending bearing life.

Gear Selection. Eight forward and six reverse gears give the operator a wide operating range. The specifically designed range of gears ensures maximum productivity in all earthmoving applications.

Programmable Autoshift. The operator can easily customize various shift parameters through Cat Messenger to match the specific application requirement. This optional feature automatically shifts the transmission at optimal points so the operator can focus on the work, improving safety, productivity and ease of operation.

Inching Pedal. Allows precise control of machine movements in any gear with low pedal effort and excellent modulation, critical in close-quarter work or finish grading.

Automatic Differential Lock.This standard feature automatically unlocks the differential during a turn, and re-locks once the machine is straight. A momentary override pedal can be actuated with the operator’s left heel if necessary. This helps make the machine easier to operate and provides additional protection to lower power train components.


Brake design

Hydraulic Brakes. The oil bathed, multi-disc service brakes are hydraulically actuated (1), providing smooth predictable braking and lower operating costs. With brakes located at each tandem wheel, the 16M offers the largest total brake surface area in the industry (2), delivering dependable stopping power and longer brake life.

Brake Serviceability and Reliability. An easily accessible brake wear indicator/ compensator system (3) maintains consistent brake performance and indicates brake wear without disassembly. This system cuts service time and extends brake service life.

Parking Brake. The spring-applied, hydraulically released multi-disc parking brake can be easily serviced without transmission removal to reduce operating cost. A sealed, oil-cooled design extends component life and reduces the need for service.



The 16M combines power management with ACERTTM Technology to deliver maximum power and efficiency while reducing the environmental impact.



ACERTTM Technology. ACERT Technology allows Cat engines to supply more power per unit of displacement without causing premature wear.

This breakthrough technology reduces emissions during the combustion process by using advanced technology in the air and fuel systems, in conjunction with integrated electronics. ACERT Technology enhances overall engine performance while dramatically reducing exhaust emissions.

Fuel Delivery. The C13 engine with ACERT Technology uses multiple injection fuel delivery to precisely shape the combustion cycle. Several small ignitions lower combustion chamber temperatures, generates fewer emissions and optimizes fuel combustion. Bottom line: more work output for your fuel cost.

Power Management. The 16M Power Management System automatically delivers an additional five horsepower in each forward gear 1st through 4th, and each reverse gear 1st through 3rd. This standard feature optimizes rimpull for all gears by balancing traction, speed and horsepower while conserving fuel. The system limits horsepower in lower gears, which helps reduce wheel slip where traction is limited. With the Variable Horsepower Plus (VHP Plus) option, an additional five-horsepower is delivered in each forward gear 5th through 8th for more power at higher speeds.

Performance. The Cat C13 engine meets specific performance requirements for 16M applications. Its superior torque and lugging capability can pull through sudden, short-term increases in loads, maintaining consistent, desirable grading speeds to get the work done faster without downshifting.

Hydraulic Demand Fan. The hydraulic demand fan automatically adjusts cooling fan speed according to engine cooling requirements. This system reduces demands on the engine, putting more horsepower to the ground and improving fuel efficiency.

Exhaust Emissions Compliant. The Cat C13 with ACERTTM Technology meets or exceeds all U.S. EPA Tier 3 and European Union Stage IIIa emissions control standards.



The 16M electro-hydraulics enable advanced machine controls with precise and predictable movements


Advanced Electro-Hydraulic System. The 16M incorporates a state-of-the-art electro-hydraulic system. This technology is the foundation for revolutionary changes of the machine and implement controls. Advanced joystick controls provide unmatched controllability with precise, predictable hydraulic movements and the reliability you expect from Caterpillar.

Blade Float. Blade float is built into the blade lift control valves and is optional for some auxiliary hydraulic functions. The blade float feature allows the blade to move freely under its own weight.By floating both cylinders, the blade can follow the contours of the road when removing snow. Floating only one cylinder permits the toe of the blade to follow a hard surface while the operator controls the slope
with the other lift cylinder.

Cat® XTTM Hose. Caterpillar hose technology allows high pressures for maximum power and reduced downtime. Intelligent routing minimizes exposure to damage. Hose clips prevent hose rubbing and excessive vibration for lower owning and operating costs.

Independent Oil Supply. Large, separate hydraulic oil supply prevents cross-contamination and provides proper oil cooling, which reduces heat build-up and extends component life.

Load Sensing Hydraulics (PPPC). The time proven load-sensing system and the advanced Proportional Priority Pressure-Compensating (PPPC, or “triple-PC”) electro-hydraulic valves on the 16M are designed to provide superior implement control and enhanced machine performance in all applications. Continuous matching of hydraulic flow and pressure to power demands creates less heat and reduces power consumption.

Balanced Flow. Hydraulic flow is proportioned to ensure all implements operate simultaneously with little effect on the engine or implement speeds. If demand exceeds pump capacity, all cylinder velocities are reduced by the same ratio. The result is improved productivity in all applications.

Consistent and Predictable Movement. PPPC valves have different flow rates for the head (red) and rod (blue) ends of the cylinder. This ensures consistent extension and retraction speeds for each cylinder, and gives the operator a consistent and predictable response every time an implement control is moved.


Predictable movements


Integrated Electronic Solutions

Full systems integration optimizes machine performance and availability.


“Smart Machine”. The 16M fully integrates all core systems creating a “Smart Machine.” The Cat data link shares key data among systems, optimizing machine performance while preventing potential machine damage.

Electronic Technician (Cat ET). Cat ET is a two-way communication tool that gives service technicians easy access to stored diagnostic data and lets them configure the machine parameters through the Cat Data Link. This integrated feature reduces machine downtime and lowers operating costs.

Diagnostics. Cat Messenger, combined with full systems integration, enhances the diagnostic capability of the 16M. Machine system errors are displayed in text as well as with fault codes, allowing service technicians and operators to quickly analyze critical data, increasing machine availability.

Machine Security System (MSS). The optional MSS uses electronically coded keys to limit usage by specific individuals or times of the day. MSS deters theft, vandalism and unauthorized use.

Product Link. The optional Product Link system streamlines diagnostic efforts, and reduces downtime, maintenance scheduling and costs by providing a communication flow of vital machine data and location. Product Link gives automatic updates on machine parameters such as machine hours, machine condition, location, fault codes and alarms directly to your office computer.


Cat Messenger. Standard on the 16M, Cat Messenger provides real-time machine performance and diagnostic data with an easy-to-use interface. Messenger monitors all system data and alerts the operator of any faults through a digital text display that can be shown in multiple languages.

Low Battery Elevated Idle. After the 16M is at low idle for an extended period and low system voltage is detected, idle speed is raised. This ensures adequate system voltage and improves battery reliability.

Automatic Engine Deration. Protects the C13 engine by automatically lowering engine torque output and alerting the operator if critical conditions are detected.

Optional Automatic Blade Control. The Caterpillar AccuGrade System automatically controls the blade, improving operator efficiency and productivity. AccuGradeTM technology reduces the need for traditional survey stakes or grade checkers, so you can reach grade faster and in fewer passes than ever before.

AccuGrade Attachment Ready Option. The AccuGrade System is fully integrated into the machine design, making installation quick and easy. Integral hydraulic and electrical components are standard on the 16M (Grade Control Ready). The AccuGrade Attachment Ready Option provides additional mounting brackets, cab controls and electrical harnesses for easy installation of the Cross Slope, Sonic, Laser, GPS or ATS electronics kits


Work Tools and Attachments

The Work Tools and optional attachments for the 16M expand machine versatility, utilization and performance


Moldboard Options. A 4.9 m (16 ft) moldboard is standard on the 16M from the factory. Left and right side moldboard extensions are also available, increasing versatility.

Ground Engaging Tools (GET). A wide variety of Caterpillar GET is available on the 16M, including cutting edges, graderbits and end bits, all designed for maximum service life and productivity.

Variable Float. The optional variable float feature gives the operator the ability to select the amount of down force the blade has when it is in float. This allows the operator to easily follow the contour of the haul road when removing only the loose material, increasing productivity and cutting edge life.

Front Mounted Groups. A front mounted push plate/counterweight can be ordered on the 16M. A Caterpillar Work Tools front lift group can be combined with a front dozer blade for added versatility.

Compression Brake. The optional three-phase compression brake enables higher travel speeds downhill, while reducing wear on brake components. This improves overall productivity and lowers maintenance costs.

Ripper. The 16M optional ripper is made to penetrate tough material fast and rip thoroughly for easier material movement with the moldboard. The ripper includes three shanks with the ability to add four more if needed.

Automatic Lubrication System.
The optional Lincoln Centro-Matic® AutoLube System maintains the proper grease lubrication on working surfaces, significantly extending component life. Contaminants are purged from open pins and bushings to help prevent dirt from damaging critical components.

Fast-Fill Fuel. The 16M offers a standard Fast-Fill that allows customers to refuel in less than two minutes for fast, accurate filling and reduced downtime.




Safety is an integral part of all machine and system designs



Steel Tandem Walkways. Perforated raised steel walkways cover the tandems. This provides a sturdy platform for standing and walking, and additional protection for the brake lines.

ROPS/FOPS Cab. Isolation mounted to the frame to reduce vibration and sound, the integral ROPS/FOPS structure meets ISO and SAE criteria for operator protection.

Operator Presence System. The Operator Presence System keeps the parking brake engaged and hydraulic implements disabled until the operator is seated and the machine is ready for safe operation.

Secondary Steering System. The standard secondary steering system automatically engages an electric hydraulic pump in case of a drop in steering pressure, allowing the operator to steer the machine to a stop.

Speed Sensitive Steering. The steering software automatically provides an infinitely variable ratio between the joystick and the steer tires, resulting in less sensitive steering as the ground speed increases.

Low Sound and Vibration Levels. Isolation mounts for the cab, engine and transmission maximize operator comfort and help to minimize sound and vibration. These modifications provide a quieter and more comfortable working environment, optimizing operator focus.

Hydraulic Lockout. A simple switch located in the cab disables all implement functions while still providing machine steering control. This safety feature is especially useful while the machine is roading.

Brake Systems. Brakes are located at each tandem wheel to eliminate braking loads on the power train. In addition, the brake systems are redundant and utilize accumulators to enable stopping in case of machine failure, further increasing operational safety.

Drop-Down Rear Lights. Optional drop-down lights fold out from the rear of the machine. This creates a wider, lower profile to be better aligned with passenger cars




Window-Cleaning Platform. The optional window-cleaning platform provides easy access to all windows.

Rearview Camera. Visibility is further enhanced with an optional Work Area Vision System (WAVS) through a
178 mm (7 in) LCD color monitor in the cab. Developed specifically for rugged applications, this durable camera improves productivity and increases operator awareness of surroundings.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting. Optional HID lights can replace the standard halogen lamps. The powerful HID lights are four times brighter, improving night time visibility and safety.

Circle Drive Slip Clutch. This standard feature protects the drawbar, circle and moldboard from shock loads when the blade encounters an immovable object. It also reduces the possibility of abrupt directional changes in poor traction conditions, protecting the machine, operator and surroundings.

Blade Lift Accumulators. This standard feature uses accumulators to help absorb impact loads to the moldboard by allowing vertical blade travel. Blade lift accumulators reduce unnecessary wear and help to avoid unintended machine movement for increased operator safety.

Engine Shutoff Switch. An engine shutoff switch is located at ground level on the left rear of the machine, allowing anyone nearby to shut it down in case of an emergency.

Electrical Disconnect Switch. A battery disconnect switch, located inside the left rear enclosure, provides ground-level lockout of the electrical system to prevent inadvertent starting of the machine.

Rear Fenders. To help reduce objects flying from the tires, as well as build-up of mud, snow or debris, optional rear fenders can be added.

Additional Safety Features. The 16M has many additional standard safety features, including laminated glass on the front windows and doors, back-uplights and sounding alarm, black glare-reducing paint on the front frame and engine enclosure, lockable doors, and conveniently located grab rails for added safety


Serviceability and Customer Support

Simplified service, world-class product support and Cat® dealer-trained experts keep your fleet up and running, maximizing your equipment investment.



Grouped Service Points. The 16M groups daily service points in the left side service center to help ensure proper maintenance and inspection routines.

Extended Service Intervals. The 16M extended service intervals, such as 500-hour engine oil changes and 4,000-hour hydraulic oil changes, reduce machine service time and increase availability.

Ecology Drains. Conveniently located ecology drains shorten service times and help keep the environment safe by preventing spills.

Diagnostics and Monitoring. The 16M integrates Cat Messenger, Cat Electronic Technician and S•O•SSM Sampling ports for easy monitoring and fast troubleshooting, keeping your machine up and running.

Machine Selection. Make detailed comparisons of the machines under consideration before purchase. Cat dealers help you size the right machine for your operations and can estimate component life, preventative maintenance cost, and the true cost of production.

Purchase. Consider the financing options available, as well as day-to-day operating costs. Look at dealer services that can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs over the long run.

Grouped Component Rebuilds. Rebuilds take your machine out of service. Caterpillar designs components in groups to be rebuilt at the same time, maximizing uptime.

Maintenance Services. Repair option programs guarantee the cost of repairs up front. Diagnostics programs such as Scheduled Oil Sampling, S•O•SSM analysis, Coolant Sampling and Technical Analysis help avoid unscheduled repairs.

Product Support. You will find nearly all parts at our dealer parts counter. Cat dealers use a world-wide computer network to track in-stock parts to minimize machine down time.Save money with genuine Cat Reman parts. You receive the same warranty and reliability as new products at substantial cost savings





Engine Model      Cat® C13 ACERTTM VHP  
Base Power (1st gear) – Net                             221 kW  297 hp  
VHP range – Net                                             221 -233 kW         297-312 hp          
VHP Plus range – Net                                      221 -248 kW         297-332 hp          
Displacement                                                 12.5 L     763 in3                                  
Bore                                                             130 mm 5.1 in     
Stroke                                                           157 mm 6.2 in     
Torque rise                                                    50%
Max torque                                                    1,710 N•m             1,261 lb-ft
Speed @ rated power                                      2,000 rpm
Number of cylinders                                        6
Derating altitude                                            4,572 m 15,000 ft                                               
Std – Fan speed – max                                    1,200 rpm
– min                                                            550 rpm
Std – Ambient Capability                                 43° C     109° F
Hi Ambient – Fan speed – max                        1,450 pm
– min                                                             550 rpm
Hi Ambient Capability                                       50° C     122° F

Net power is tested per ISO 9249, SAE J1349, and EEC80/1269 standards in effect at the time of manufacture. VHP Plus is an optional arrangement.

Net power advertised is the power available at rated speed of 2,000 rpm, measured at the flywheel when engine is equipped with fan running at maximum speed, air cleaner, muffler and alternator.

No engine derating required up to 4572 m (15,000 ft).

16M Net Power


kW (hp) – Net

VHP Plus
kW (hp) – Net

Fwd. 1st








































Rev. 1st










3rd - 6th






Power Train


Forward/Reverse Gears

8 Fwd/6 Rev


Direct drive, power shift, countershaft

Brakes – Service

Oil-actuated, oil-disc

– Service, surface area

49 830 cm2    7,724 in2

– Parking

Spring applied, hydraulically released

– Secondary

Oil-actuated, oil-disc


Hydraulic System


Circuit type

Electro-hydraulic load sensing, closed center

Pump type

Variable piston

Pump output

280 L/min       74 gal/min

Maximum system pressure

24 150 kPa     3,500 psi

Standby Pressure               3100 kPa       450 psi

  • Pump output measured at 2,150 rpm.


Operating Specifications



Top Speed – Fwd.

53.9 km/h

33.5 mph

– Rev.

42.6 km/h

26.5 mph

Turning radius, outside front tires

8.9 m

29 ft 3 in

Steering range – left/right



Articulation angle – left/right



Fwd. 1st

4.5 km/h

2.8 mph


6.3 km/h

3.9 mph


9 km/h

5.6 mph


12.4 km/h

7.7 mph


19.3 km/h

12 mph


26.8 km/h

16.7 mph


37 km/h

23.0 mph


53.9 km/h

33.5 mph

Rev. 1st

3.6 km/h

2.2 mph


6.8 km/h

4.2 mph


9.8 km/h

6.1 mph


15.2 km/h

9.5 mph


29.3 km/h

18.2 mph


42.6 km/h

26.5 mph


Height                                            648 mm          25.5 in
Width                                             236 mm            9.3 in
Sidewall thickness – inner                   22 mm            0.9 in
                          – outer                   22 mm            0.9 in
Drive chain pitch                             63.5 mm            2.5 in
Wheel axle spacing                         1841 mm         72.5 in
Tandem oscillation – front up              15°
                           – front down          25°


Moldboard – width 4.877 m 16 ft
                     – height 787 mm 31 in
                     – thickness 25 mm 1 in
Arc radius 413 mm 16.3 in
Throat clearance 126 mm 4.9 in
Cutting edge – width 203 mm 8 in
                   – thickness 25 mm 1 in
End Bit – width 152 mm 6 in
           – thickness 19 mm 0.75 in
Blade Pull – base GVW 17 068 kg 37,628 lb
               – max GVW 22 297 kg 49,156 lb
Down Pressure – base GVW 12 702 kg 28,004 lb
                     – max GVW 19 485 kg 42,957 lb
• Blade pull calculated at 0.9 traction coefficient, which is equal to ideal no-slip conditions, and Gross Machine Weight.


Service Refill    
Fuel Capacity 511 L 135 gal
Cooling system 46.5 L 12.3 gal
Hydraulic system – total 114 L 30.1 gal
– tank 65 L 17.2 gal
Engine Oil 30 L 7.9 gal
TransjDiffjFinal Drives 114 L 30.1 gal
Tandem housing (each) 121.5 L 32.1 gal
Front wheel spindle bearing housing 0.9 L 0.24 gal
Circle drive housing 8 L 2.1 gal


Circle – diameter 1822 mm 71.75 in
– blade beam thickness 50 mm 2 in
Drawbar – height 203 mm 8 in
– width 76 mm 3 in
Front frame structure    
– height 356 mm 14 in
– width 324 mm 12.8 in
– thickness 14 mm 0.06 in
Front axle – height to center 688 mm 27.1 in
 – wheel lean, left/right 18.2°    
–  total oscillation per side 32.0°    


Blade Range
Circle centershift – right 597 mm 23.5 in
– left 647 mm 25.5 in
Moldboard sideshift – right 1094 mm 43.1 in
– left 740 mm 25.6 in
Maximum blade position angle 65°
Blade tip range – forward 40°
– backward 5°
Maximum shoulder reach outside of tires
– right 2587 mm 101.9 in
– left 2282 mm 90 in
Maximum lift above ground 395 mm 15.6 in
Maximum depth of cut 488 mm 19.2 in


Ripping depth, maximum 452 mm 17.8 in
Ripper shank holders 7
Shank holder spacing – min 445 mm 17.5 in
    – max 500 mm 20 in
Penetration force 10 163 kg 22,140 lb
Pryout force 15 323 kg 33,788 lb
Machine length increase, 1610 mm 63.4 in
beam raised
Gross Vehicle Weight – base
total 26 060 kg 57,452 lb
front axle 7112 kg 15,679 lb
rear axle 18 948 kg 41,773 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight – max
total 35 672 kg 78,643 lb
front axle 10 919 kg 24,073 lb
rear axle 24 753 kg 54,570 lb
·  Base operating weight calculated on standard machine configuration with 
18.00-25 12PR (G-2) tires, full fuel tank, coolant, lubricants and operator.
Steering ISO 501 0:1992
Brakes SO 3450
Sound ISO 6394/ISO 6395
The static operator sound pressure level measured according to ISO 6394:
1998 for a cab offered by Caterpillar, when properly installed, maintained and tested 
doors and windows closed and hydraulic fan at maximum speed, is 72 dB(A).
The dynamic spectator sound power level for the standard machine measured according 
to ISO 6395:1988 with no sound suppression package and hydraulic fan running at maximum speed is 111 dB(A). 
When machine is equipped with sound suppression package and hydraulic fan running at 70% of maximum speed,
machine sound measured is less than 108 dB(A), compl






All dimensions are approximate, based on standard machine configuration with 18.00-25 12PR (G-2) tires.

1 Height - top of cab 3703 mm 145.8 in
2 Height - front axle center 688 mm 27.1 in
3 Length - between tandem axles 1841mm 72.5 in
4 Length - front axle to moldboard 3069 mm 120.8 in
5 Length - front axle to mid tandem 6985 mm 275 in
6 Length - front tire to rear of machine 9963 mm 392.2 in
7 Length - counterweight to ripper 11 672 mm 459.5 in
8 Ground clearance at rear axle 407 mm 16 in
9 Height to top of cylinders 3088 mm 121.6 in
10 Height to exhaust stack 3405 mm 134.1 in
11 Width - tire center lines 2509 mm 98.8 in
12 Width - outside rear tires 3096 mm 121.9 in
13 Width - outside front tires 3096 mm 121.9 in



Standard Equipment
Standard equipment may vary.

Air conditioner/heater, modular
Armrest, adjustable
Articulation, automatic Return-to-Center
Ashtray and lighter
Cat Messenger, operator information system Centershift pin indicator
Coat hook
Cup holder
Display, digital speed and gear
Door, driver access (left side) with wiper
Gauge cluster – articulation, engine coolant temp, engine rpm, fuel, system voltage
Gauges, machine level Hour meter, digital
Joystick hydraulic controls for
implements, steering, transmission
Lights, night time cab
Mirror, inside rearview, wide angle
ROPS cab, sound suppressed
Seat, cloth-covered, comfort suspension
Seat belt, retractable 76 mm (3 in)
Storage area for cooler/lunchbox
Throttle control, electronic
Windows, laminated glass:
fixed front with intermittent wiper
right side with dual wipers, (door optional) Windows, side and rear (3)
Wrist rests, adjustable

Air cleaner, dual stage, dry type, automatic dust ejector, service indicator through Cat Messenger Air-to-air after cooler (ATAAC)
Belt, serpentine, automatic tensioner
Brakes, four-wheel hydraulic
Differential, Auto lock/unlock
Electronic over speed protection
Engine, Cat® C13 with ACERTTM Technology Ether starting aid
Fuel tank, fast fill, ground level
Fuel-water separator
Hydraulic demand fan
Muffler, under hood
Parking brake – multi disc, sealed, oil-cooled Priming pump, fuel
Rear axle, modular
Sediment drain, fuel tank
Transmission, 8F/6R, power shift, direct drive VHP (Variable Horsepower)

Alarm, back up
Alternator, 150 ampere, sealed
Grade Control Ready – Cab harness, software, electrical hydraulic valves, bosses and brackets Batteries, maintenance free, 1400 CCA
Breaker panel
Electrical system, 24V
Lights, reversing
Lights, stop and tail, LED
Product Link Ready

Accumulators, blade lift
Brake accumulators, dual certified Bumper, rear, integrated with hitch Clutch, circle drive slip
Cutting edges
curved DH-2 steel
203 mm X 25 mm (8 in X 1 in)
19 mm (3/4 in) mounting bolts
Doors (4), engine compartment, locking Drain, ecology, engine Wiggins
Drawbar – 6 shoe with replaceable wear strips
Endbits, 19 mm (3/4 in) DH-2 steel Extended Life Coolant to –35° C (–30° F) Frame, articulated, with safety lock Guards, service center debris
Ground level engine shutdown Hammer (emergency exit)
Horn, electric
Hydraulics, base 8 implement controls Hydraulics, load-sensing
Lockout, hydraulic implement for roading Moldboard
4877 mm X 787 mm X 25 mm (16 ft X 31 in X 1 in) hydraulic sideshift and tip
Paint, glare reducing – top of front frame, rear enclosure Radiator, cleanout access
Secondary steering
Serviceability, LH side
S•O•SSM ports: engine, hydraulic, transmission, coolant, fuel Tandem walkway/guards
Tool box
Tow hitch

Partial allowance for tires and multi-piece rims

Optional Equipment
Optional equipment may vary. kg lb
Converter, communications (CB) 5 1
Lighting arrangements, HID options and rear roading, drop down
Warning: Beacon or Strobe 2 5
Starter, electric, heavy duty 39 86
Covers, screen 5 10
Debris 11 24
Sound 91 200
Transmission 159 350
Door, cab, right hand side 11 25
Fan, defroster, rear window 2 4
Horn, air 7 15
Mirrors, outside:
Heated 24V 15 33
Mounted 10 22
Precleaner, HVAC 5 10
Radio ready, AM/FM or satellite 9 20
Seat, air suspension, cloth 2 5
Shade, sun 2 5
Wiper, each side 0 1
Wiper/washer, rear 2 4
–40° C (–40° F)
–45° C (–50° F)
–50° C (–58° F)
Engine, compression brake
Engine, variable horsepower plus (VHP Plus)
Oil, hydraulic, biodegradable synthetic
Transmission, autoshift 2 5
kg lb
AccuGrade® ARO 18 40
AutoLube, Lincoln 39 85
Camera, rearview 9 20
Caterpillar Product Link 321SR 5 10
Fenders, rear 514 1,150
Float, variable 9 20
Heater, engine coolant:
120V 1 3
220V 1 3
Hydraulic arrangements with one or more additional hydraulic valves are available.
Ladder, cab, right hand side 8 18
Platform, access, windows 159 350
Security system 2 5
Sound suppression 5 11
Blade extension,
610 mm (2 ft) right/left hand 135 298
Cutting edges, curved 68 150
Grader Bit, narrow, penetration,
super penetration 181 400
Push plate, counterweight
Ripper, rear 1950 4298
Ripper, mounting 39 85
Ripper tooth 60 132
European Arrangement
Snow Arrangement


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